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How we do it?

We specialise in Online Surveys. Our parent company (MIS Group) carries out thousands of surveys for all kind of clients (ranging from automative to FMCG companies).

The surveys are then administered to an "Online Panel" of qualified consumers. Consumers are pre-targeted, so you only survey the desired group of respondents.

For example, if you are conducting research for a pregnancy test, you don't need / want to survey Men.

Our solutions


Full-service, online surveys

Our Expertise meets your Research

  • Advising on survey writing and final checks
  • Formatting and scripting
  • Pre-targeting and screening respondents
  • Collection of raw data and reporting

Sample only (using our panels)

Scripts your Survey, use our Respondents

  • Script your survey using the platform of your choice
  • Provide us with the URL
  • We administrate it online to the required number of respondents