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Who will be writing your questionnaire?*
Writing Questionnaire : You prepare / format the questions yourself and give clear instructions on any routing needed within the survey e.g Screening criteria / which respondents see which questions (based on their answers / profile)


Who will be programming your questionnaire?*
Programming Questionnaire : Taking your questionnaire (e.g word document) and coding it into an online survey for respondents to complete online



A - Size

Do you know how many people you would like to survey?*
(Please specify the number of respondents below).
Minimum 50 and maximum 9999 respondents.

B - Target profile

What are the characteristics of the target group that you are looking to survey?*
(Respondent's profile, location, etc. Be as precise as possible).

Sample profile examples :
Private individuals aged between 20 and 40 years-old, living in the United Kingdom
Female private individuals from 30 years old. Living in London area who have children under 10 years old
Male private individuals who have drunk champagne within the last 12 months
Private individuals living in France (50%) and Spain (50%) with an household income above £40K

We have panels in 30 countries worldwide. Please let us know if you would like to question people abroad. For details of the different countries where we can carry out your survey, click here..


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