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Tops and Flops

Welcome to our Tops and Flops page. We asked our panellists whether they thought the following business ideas were good or not... Entrepreneurs, take note!


The Tweetpee

It is a sensor which you attach to a child’s nappy, which will send a tweet to the parent when the c...

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The Be My Eyes App

It helps blind people with problems that are easily solved by people with normal vision. Whenever a ...

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Cyclist Backpack with indicators integrated

How does it work? The LED panel is powered and controlled by a wireless remote fixed to the bike fra...

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Training Heels

Little stabilisers for your heels when you are uncomfortable wearing high heels. ...

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The Umbrella Tie

You’re wearing your high power suit. But the weather forecast calls for rain in the afternoon. You d...

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Grass Flip Flops

Wearing these flip flops gives you the feeling of walking on grass with bare feet! ...

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Tops or Flops - What do you think?


The Ugly Meter App

It gives you a one to ten rating of how ugly you are by scanning the details of your face. Also, the app comments on how ugly you are!...

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The Animal Weights

The app allows users to compare their weights to over 100 animals around the world. You only need to enter your weight and see where you rank among the animals....

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The BieberHair App

The app lets you see what you would look like with hair like teen idol, Justin Bieber. You can even see what your dog looks like with Bieber fever....

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The PoopLog App

The app lets you track and evaluate your bowel movements. From location and photos to colour and mucus content, it lets you log everything. Even prior discomfort and the urgency levels can be recorded...

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The Anti-Mosquito Sound Simulator

The app claims to emit ultrasonic sounds that can irritate small insects (like mosquitoes) and drive them away. You can even select the type of insect you want to scare off....

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The FakeCall App

The app is designed to get yourself out of awkward situations, if at all you face any. Also, if you are a bit of a loner, the app can help you to justify carrying a smartphone. Basically, you can init...

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