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Tops and Flops

Welcome to our Tops and Flops page. We asked our panellists whether they thought the following business ideas were good or not... Entrepreneurs, take note!


Cyclist Backpack with indicators integrated

How does it work? The LED panel is powered and controlled by a wireless remote fixed to the bike fra...

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Foldable bike

You can fold this bike to make it take up less space. It is designed to be lightweight meaning it ca...

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Solar powered phone chargers

These chargers are solar powered so you don’t have to go around searching for a plug socket! ...

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Training Heels

Little stabilisers for your heels when you are uncomfortable wearing high heels. ...

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The Umbrella Tie

You’re wearing your high power suit. But the weather forecast calls for rain in the afternoon. You d...

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Grass Flip Flops

Wearing these flip flops gives you the feeling of walking on grass with bare feet! ...

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Tops or Flops - What do you think?


The Baby Hjölster

It would be perfect for anyone who was a little bit country. It’d also be great for dads with a new kid in town that just didn’t feel comfortable with conventional baby carriers....

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The Poo Trap

It is an elaborate apparatus that you strap to your dog. It holds a bag in place right about where the you-know-what comes out of the you-know-where....

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The Bathe & Brew

It will enable you to brew your coffee while you take a shower. It’s mobile too since the shower head is incorporated into the coffee machine itself....

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Smoking Mittens

They keep your fingers warm while a built in grometted hole allows you to hold your cigarette without having to take off your gloves....

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Spray on Hair

It's a product that helps men with hair loss by spray-painting hair on their bald spots....

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The Inch-Master Waistband Stretcher

It helps to stretch any of those tight fitted jeans with the aim to give you a few more inches for that perfect fit....

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