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Tops and Flops

Welcome to our Tops and Flops page. We asked our panellists whether they thought the following business ideas were good or not... Entrepreneurs, take note!


Cyclist Backpack with indicators integrated

How does it work? The LED panel is powered and controlled by a wireless remote fixed to the bike fra...

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Foldable bike

You can fold this bike to make it take up less space. It is designed to be lightweight meaning it ca...

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Wallet Tracker

A small microchip is built into the wallet. You can track the wallets location with an app on your p...

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Training Heels

Little stabilisers for your heels when you are uncomfortable wearing high heels. ...

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Grass Flip Flops

Wearing these flip flops gives you the feeling of walking on grass with bare feet! ...

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Clean Up Slippers

Why bother going down with your hands to clean up a mess when you can just use your feet? Clean-Up-S...

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Tops or Flops - What do you think?


Toothpaste Squeezer

How to properly squeeze a tube of toothpaste without any waste. A new way to use up all of the tube....

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One Trip Grocery Bag Holder

With this clever one trip grocery bag holder, you can make that single trip even easier. This new tool makes carrying items after your shopping comfortable and enjoyable!...

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Ostrich Pillow

The ostrich pillow takes napping to new frontiers, allowing you to comfortably block out external light and give you some much needed privacy while you doze off....

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Flip Flop Mop

The flip flop mop lets you clean your pavement while you slump around your floor. However, we are wondering how much clean will be yourself after have used it....

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Lip Stencil

Get the perfect lipstick application every time. Just strap on the lip stencil and go to town. This speeds up the lipstick process a lot. No more slow precision. Smear the lipstick all over the place ...

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The Umbrella Tie

Youíre wearing your high power suit. But the weather forecast calls for rain in the afternoon. You donít want to lower the power of your suit by carrying an umbrella. Especially when itís not raining....

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