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Our Market Research Panel

Panel selection

Marketest provides local, national and international market research using a group of more than 950,000 targeted panellists.. In the United Kingdom, we currently have more than 100,000 panellists.
For details of the countries where we can work, click here to see our Panel.

Management of the Access Panel is one of the most important elements - in fact it's one of Marketest's main assets. In order not to be too evasive, our group own more than 5 international recruiting websites and 1 dedicated to the UK, through which people can register to participate in market research.

The panel is populated through the 'Opt In principle'; panellists must take the initiative themselves to enrol. Each person in the panel is ultra qualified through considerable profiling information. Moreover, Marketest uses filter questions to survey the precise target. Here are some profile examples:

  • Sample group of private individuals aged from 20 to 40 years and living in the London area
  • Sample group of female private individuals who consume Organic products
  • Sample group of couples who took holidays in exotic destinations in the past 6 months

All these techniques ensure a qualitative panel recruitment coming from different resources and having all types of different profiles.

The panel replacement policy is important for Marketest. We don't want our Access-Panel members to become 'professional' in online market research.
This is why we don't individually pay the respondents for their contribution. We prefer to offer a draw system (where collected points can be used to enter draws to win prizes) or the donation system (where collected points can be turned into donations for humanitarian associations, charities or NGOs). We find these enable a high participation rate. In the meantime, it ensures sufficient subscription cancelling in order to renew the panel.

Respondent confidentiality is paramount: all participants answer our studies anonymously. We never give our clients the respondents' identity, according to the research domain and to data protection rules except if the respondent allows us to do it.

Panel control

In order to ensure a valid, trustworthy panel, Marketest is very vigilant about the quality of responses. We control the panel answers and profiles in order to remove bad quality questionnaires. We also use these methods to blacklist some respondents.
Here are some examples of what we check:

  • IP address control to avoid double registration
  • Profile information to remove too many similar ones
  • Time taken to complete a survey
  • The quality of open question answers
  • The coherence of answers