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Questionnaire construction

The introductory sentence

It should introduce the interviewer (start-up entrepreneur, company, research firm), the goals of the research study, the time required to fill in the survey, and a note to thank the respondents.

The respondents should feel that their response is useful and that their opinions will be taken into account in the implementation of a project.

The order of questions

The first questions : It should be general and introduce the topic of the questionnaire. They can also be used as screening questions for the rest of the questionnaire.

See an example

The first questions

Which of the following sports have you done in the past 30 days?

This first question is a screening question.
For example, only respondents who reply "Swimming" will be selected for the rest of the questionnaire.

The main part of the questionnaire : It should be the most important questions, the ones about the topic you introduced before.

See an example

The Main Part of the Questionnaire

How often do you swim?

It is about more specific questions that call upon the memory of the respondent.

The end of the questionnaire : You keep the end of the survey for personal questions. Usually it is about asking the gender, age, socio-economic class category, hometown, income, relationship status, religion, etc. These types of questions can make the respondents feel uncomfortable and therefore distort their answers.

See an example

The end of the questionnaire

What is your relationship status?

What is your personal income?

The style of writing

Questions should be clear, accurate and relevant and should not lead the respondent to answer a particular response. Questions should be as precise as possible, giving some extra indications and information so the respondent can more easily imagine a situation.

NB: The questionnaire should not be too long as it can tire the respondents out and make them reply randomly to questions.

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