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100% Tailored Research :

Online quantitative research 100% tailored to your needs

A Quantitative consumer study :

A study of the behaviors, habits , expectations, reluctance and / or opinions of respondents, conducted through an online questionnaire with a sample of the target population (potential customers). Usually, a quantitative study involves surveying between one hundred to several thousand individuals (panelists).

The results (statistics) of the study are then extrapolated to the entire target population.

Tailored market research :

The objectives :

Through an online survey we can gain an insight into your target market's views on your product / service, pride and general business concept. We can test the viability of a business idea by finding out: does the product / service appeal to potential customers? Does it match their needs and expectations? Etc.

For who ?

If you're thinking of starting a business and you need customer feedback on your product / service, an online quantitative study is what you need.

As well as helping entrepreneurs test their business ideas, Marketest regularly conducts research for existing businesses looking to test new product ranges, new websites etc.

We are also committed to helping academic institutions conduct research and offer a 15% discount to university researchers.

How are tailored studies carried out ?

Our team will assist you with your questionnaire construction, launch your survey, provide daily updates on the progress of your fieldwork, construct your report in the format you decide on and finally send you the package along with your final invoice within 2 weeks of the survey launch.

A comprehensive study in 5 simple steps :

With 2 options

If your questionnaire is written by :


If you would like Marketest to create your questionnaire, your study will follow this process :

If you would like to create your own questionnaire, your study will follow this process :

10 to 15 days
Define Research Objectives
Receiving your Questionnaire
We will help you to define your research goals and set out the target profile of the people you want to survey.

See Examples
If you already have a questionnaire constructed, we will proof read it for you and provide you with feedback and recommended improvements.

See Examples
Questionnaire Construction
Optimisation of your Questionnaire if needed
We create a questionnaire ensuring a viable and reliable report which will answer all aspects of your brief. When both parties are happy we head to the next step See Examples of questionnaires
Once you are happy with the final questionnaire and any amendements we may have made for you, we can move onto the next step. See Examples of questionnaires
Programming and survey upload
From the moment we complete the questionnaire construction, your survey will be uploaded and ready for testing within 24 hours. We will then send you a link so you can test the survey and also a link which will show you the structure of the whole questionnaire more clearly (filters, routing etc). When you have confirmed that you are happy with everything on the survey, we move to the next step.

See example of survey TESTING

See example of a survey PREVIEW

We can include blurbs, links, images, videos and soundtracks in your survey at no extra cost.
Survey Administation
We carefully select the panellists who answer your survey and make sure they match the profile you are looking for. The survey is launched and we review the answers of the first few respondents to ensure your survey is running smoothly and participants understand all questions. We monitor the fieldwork of your study closesly, ensuring all quota requirements are met, giving you regular updates along the way.

Learn more about our panel

We ensure a high quality panel by blacklisting any respondents that do not participate honestly and correctly. If you need 500 survey completes, we will question 500 "serious" profiles that fit the target profile you require.

*The Administration process can last between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the project.
Report Construction
We offer 4 different report packages, ranging from a raw data excel file of responses to a full package with a breakdown of demographic information and comments outlining the most significant results. Offering these different packages allows us to accommodate to your budget and the exact level of analysis you require.

Unsure which package is right for you? Click here :

Examples of different packages

Should the questionnaire include Socio-Demographic questions?

We provide you with the following demographic information of respondents: gender, age, SEC and their postcode (outward code).

Do the results stay confidential?

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your results.

It is possible, however, to share the property rights of your study with Marketest which makes you eligible for a 30% discount. The results we have property rights for are then published on our website.

Other Questions?

Check out our FAQ or contact us directly :

Client Feedbacks :

Alex Green
Position: CEO
Company: Tied Together
Activity: Clothing
"Working with Will at Marketest was very straightforward and time efficient. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve out of the research, but was not entirely sure of the questions I should ask to get me to that point. Will helped me frame the questions and also was able to turn 2 or 3 questions into 1 'table' style question to make it easier for the..."

Position: Founder
Company: Grandma’s Gifts
Activity: e-commerce website
"I am very pleased with the results from my survey, it has captured some valuable insights enabling me to move the business forward in the right way. I was also very impressed with the customer service, and the flexible approach in which I was able to specify exactly what questions I wanted to ask."

Dorothy Otite
Position: Founder/Creative Director
Company: Swish Afrique UK Ltd
Activity: Customised Homeware
"Clearly Marketest is top at their game, highly efficient and a Company to be reckoned with. We found the experience from first contact to delivery of results, seamless. The results will form an invaluable part of our business plan assumptions."

Phil and Anne GREEN
Position: Owners
Company: "We Rent Fast Cars", Performance Car Hire
"We were delighted with the service we received from Marketest. They helped considerably with our survey, targeted the people we wanted, completed the job on time and produced a very helpful analysis, all for a very reasonable fee. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

Julia Miechowicz
Position: Director
Company: Witty Doodle
Activity: Nursery Art
"Thank you very much for the report and cooperation. It was a very smooth process and I also enjoyed working with you. If in the future we have any research needs we’ll get back to you for sure!"

See all testimonials

Définition d'une étude Consommateurs quantitative :

étude des comportements, habitudes, attentes, réticences et/ou opinions réalisée à travers un questionnaire auprès d'un échantillon de la population cible (clients potentiels).

Généralement, une étude quantitative est menée auprès d'une centaine à quelques milliers d'individus (panélistes).

Les résultats (statistiques) d'une telle étude sont ensuite extrapolés à l'ensemble de la population cible.

1. La définition des objectifs et de la cible de l'étude

Vous définissez vos objectifs et les profils des personnes que vous souhaitez interroger.
Nous pouvons vous conseiller dans cette étape.
2. L'élaboration d'un questionnaire propre à votre projet

2 possibilités :

  • - Vous nous communiquez les objectifs de votre enquête, et nous élaborons votre questionnaire
    personnalisé et conçu en fonction de vos objectifs. Nous vous invitons ensuite à valider le questionnaire ;
  • - Vous créez vous-même votre questionnaire, et nous le relisons et apportons nos modifications (avec votre validation).

Voir des exemples de questionnaire
3. La mise en ligne de votre questionnaire

Nous élaborons la version informatisée de votre questionnaire,
et vous invitons à la tester et la valider avant de la rendre accessible auprès de notre panel.
4. L'affectation du questionnaire auprès de nos panélistes

Les panélistes qui participent à votre étude sont sélectionnés par nos soins,
et correspondent aux profils des clients que vous ciblez (vos clients potentiels).

Voir nos sites de panels
5. La remise d'un rapport d'étude

Nous vous remettons les résultats de votre étude, avec une analyse plus ou moins approfondie
selon la formule que vous choisissez.
6. L'évaluation de nos services par vos soins

Nous vous invitons à nous faire part de votre avis et de vos suggestions concernant nos services.
Vous validez l'ébauche du questionnaire que nous vous remettons sous format Word,
puis testez et validez la version informatisée de celui-ci.
4 formules de rapports d'études vous sont proposées, avec une analyse des résultats plus ou moins approfondie selon la formule.

Voir les modèles de rapports d'étude
Exemple de Questions filtres :

Echantillon ciblé : Particuliers ayant consommé du champagne au cours du dernier mois.

Q1. Consommez-vous des boissons alcoolisées (vin, bières, alcools forts…) ?


Filtre : si le répondant ne consomme pas de boissons alcoolisées, il ne peut pas répondre à l'enquête.

Q2. Quel(s) type(s) de boissons alcoolisées consommez-vous ?
(Plusieurs réponses possibles)

Alcools forts (vodka, rhum, whisky...)
Vin (rouge, blanc, rosé)
Vin pétillant (crémant, saumur, clairette…)
Autre(s), précisez :

Filtre : si le répondant ne consomme pas de champagne, il ne peut pas répondre à l'enquête.

Q3. Quand avez-vous consommé du champagne pour la dernière fois ?

Au cours des 30 derniers jours
Il y a plus d'1 mois
Il y a plus de 2 mois
Je ne sais plus

Filtre : si le répondant n'a pas consommé de champagne au cours des 30 derniers jours,
ou ne sait plus quand il en a consommé pour la dernière fois, il ne peut pas répondre à l'enquête.