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Our Services: Tailored Market Research

Why should I use Marketest to conduct market research?

Marketest provide market research for start-ups, pre start-ups, existing companies, academics and educational researchers. With many years experience, we have the expertise and resources to conduct your market research projects whilst offering one to one support throughout all stages.

Why Marketest?

  • At Marketest we have our own panel of almost 1 million people to survey worldwide;
    view who we can survey on our panel map.
  • We conduct all online research 'in house' bringing reliable and highly affordable research results to our clients.
  • Finally our experience and resources deliver fast results, adding value to your business within just 2 weeks.
See how Marketest has helped other businesses!

How does the tailored market research works?
The Marketest process:

The Tailored Market Research is carried out as followed (click on the various stages):


1. Defining Research Goals

Marketest's researchers help you to define your goals and the profiles of the people you want to survey to ensure your market research goals are met.
We are always available to answer your queries about the best research methods suitable for your project, including types of questions suitable, length of survey and target market potential.
Who can we survey?
2. Questionnaire Construction:

With your research goals in mind Marketest develop a specific questionnaire which will ensure a viable and reliable report;
answering all aspects of the brief and ensuring your target market understand and answer all questions correctly.
3. Questionnaire Online Editing :

We edit the online version of your questionnaire and we ask you
to validate it before giving access to our panellists to it.
4. Questionnaire Administration:

We carefully select the panellists who participate in your research study and make sure they match the profile you are looking for.
One way in which we ensure specific, relevant results is through survey testing.
We will conduct a primary test on your survey with potential respondents to ensure all questions are clear and the survey runs smoothly.
Once complete any amendments needed are done, the survey is made 'live' online and we start collecting the results.
5. Survey Analysis

Within just two weeks your research will be complete. With four different analysis packages to choose from, there is an option for every budget.
Ranging from basic analysis to the full package, depending on your needs the Marketest team can provide
a varied level of analysis of your research results.
See a sample of Marketest report packages.
6. The evaluation of our services

You evaluate our services through a client satisfaction survey.
You validate your questionnaire that we give you in Word format.
Then you can test and confirm the final online version.
4 different report packages are available: consult an example of the report packages.

Will the results of your study remain confidential?

The results of your research study can be kept confidential and to the owner discretion if you want to preserve property rights.

Do you provide any special offers or discount?

To make our services even more affordable we offer different special offers to all our clients.
We also have an Entrepreneurship Network that gives several benefits to anyone working in an organisation which helps entrepreneurs.

How do I use these services?