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Mobile Phone Apps

Research Study Objective:

The study was carried out in June 2011 for a business idea regarding a new mobile phone app. The aim of the research was to determine detailed information related to:

People’s preferences regarding apps on their mobile phone and how they use them
The way people use the Internet on their mobile phone and what type of apps they are looking for

Specific topics that needed to be covered in the research include reaching out to private individuals aged 16+ years old living in the UK who own a mobile phone/smartphone. To ensure the project was completed as per the strict standards required by the client, questions no. 1 has a filter for respondents who do not have any preference between web browsers and apps while they use the Internet which forward them to question no. 4.
As a result of the efforts made by the Marketest team, the client was highly satisfied with the 213 positive results and he recommended our services to other companies. The project was successful, and the research was used by the client for his project.
Methodology : Self administered questionnaire (survey) using the Internet
Period : June 2011
Panel size : 213 people interviewed
Panel Sample group : Private individuals aged from 16 years old living in the UK who own a smartphone

A raw data excel file of the results. Every Colom of the file corresponds to a question and every line to a respondent.
The excel file plus a report with tables and graphs. 1 Table and 1 Graph per question.
The essential package plus cross tabulation with demographic information (gender,age and SEC). 1 table per demographic information.
All of the below plus comments made on the most significant results.
Report Packages
Prices Buy
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Excel file

Word file

Simple tabulations

Cross tabulations

Comments + Conclusion

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