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At Home Well-Being Services

Research Study Objective:

The study was carried out on a new concept named “at home well-being services” in October 2010. The aim of the research was to determine detailed information related to:

The interest of people in terms of “at home well-being services”
The average price people would be willing to spend for this new service
Methodology : Self administered questionnaire (survey) using the Internet
Period : October 2010
Panel size : 995 people interviewed
Panel Sample group : Private individuals from 15 years old living in the UK

A raw data excel file of the results. Every Colom of the file corresponds to a question and every line to a respondent.
The excel file plus a report with tables and graphs. 1 Table and 1 Graph per question.
The essential package plus cross tabulation with demographic information (gender,age and SEC). 1 table per demographic information.
All of the below plus comments made on the most significant results.
Report Packages
Prices Buy
(VAT included)
(VAT included)
(VAT included)
(VAT included)


Excel file

Word file

Simple tabulations

Cross tabulations

Comments + Conclusion

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