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Flower Shop / Florist

Research Study Objective:
Quantitative market research report carried out on flower shop / florist conducted by Marketest (marketing research company). It is to determine:
The habits of UK people who buy flowers (type of products, frequency, budget, occasion, etc.)
Consumers interest in the opening of a local flower shop / florist (concept, services, etc.)
People's interest in preserved flowers / dried stabilised flowers

Methodology: Self administered questionnaire (survey) using the Internet
Period: February 2012
Panel Sample group: Private individuals from 18 years old living in the UK and who buy flowers or plants
Panel size: 853 people interviewed
Market Report:
Basic Package: Excel File
Essential Package: Excel File + Word File (21 pages)
Plus Package: Excel File + Word File (33 pages)
Full Package: Excel File + Word File (37 pages)
Basic Package:

All the survey results (individuals answers) will be quoted from an Excel document. Each column in the file corresponds to a question from the questionnaire and each line to a respondent. You can then analyse the data the way you want to.
Essential Package

In addition to the BASIC package, you will get a report (Word document) presenting frequency tables. The tables will clearly provide you with answers from the people we questioned making it easy for you to interpret the results (sample size, percentages and graphs).
Plus Package

In addition to the ESSENTIAL Package, you will get a report which provides cross tabulations. The answers within this report will be detailed according to the socio-demographic group the respondents belong to. For example the respondents gender, age and professional activity (SEC) will all be highlighted / outlined within the report.
Full Package

In addition to the PLUS package, you will get comments on the previous results (a reading of the most relevant results).
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