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100% Tailored Research :

Market research 100% tailored to your needs

Quantitative market research provides an indication of how a large number of people, think, feel or behave and uses statistical analysis to determine the result. This is done by interviewing a large number of respondents with the same questions each time and then seeing what trends emerge.

If you want to find out what your potential customers think of your start-up idea - and if they would be willing to buy it - then you would use quantitative research. Likewise if you wanted to find out how to best market the product to your target audience, or find out how much people are willing to pay for your product or service, this is the method you should use.

Our Offer :

  • 100% Tailored
  • Unlimited number of questions
    (All type of questions possible)
  • Constructed by Marketest or yourself
Survey Administration :
  • Publishing the questionnaire online
  • On our Panel websites
    (You choose the date we publish your questionnaire)
Respondents profile :
  • Made of the selected profile
    (You determine which profile you want to be able to answer your questionnaire)
    (You can also choose to have a representative sample of people)
Survey Results :
Study Price :

How market research can help you

Through an online survey we can gain an insight into your target market's views on your product / service, pride and general business concept. We can test the viability of a business idea by finding out: does the product / service appeal to potential customers? Does it match their needs and expectations? Etc.

Who does Marketest work with?

If you're thinking of starting a business and you need customer feedback on your product / service, an online quantitative study is what you need.

As well as helping entrepreneurs test their business ideas, Marketest regularly conducts research for existing businesses looking to test new product ranges, new websites etc.

We are also committed to helping academic institutions conduct research and offer a 15% discount to university researchers.

How are tailored studies carried out ?

Our team will assist you with your questionnaire construction, launch your survey, provide daily updates on the progress of your fieldwork, construct your report in the format you decide on and finally send you the package along with your final invoice within 2 weeks of the survey launch.

A comprehensive study in 5 simple steps :

With 2 options

If your questionnaire is written by :


If you would like Marketest to create your questionnaire, your study will follow this process :

If you would like to create your own questionnaire, your study will follow this process :

10 to 15 days
Define Research Objectives
Receiving your Questionnaire
Marketest will help you define your research goals and pick the target profile of the people who respond to your survey.

See Examples
If you decide to write your questionnaire yourself then you will need to send it to us before we can move to the next step. Our team is available to assist if you need help with structuring your questions.

See Examples

Blurbs, links, images, videos and soundtracks can be included in your survey at no extra cost
Questionnaire Construction
Once we understand what you want to achieve through your study, we will begin writing the questionnaire. When you are happy with the questions that we have written for you, we will move on to the next step.

See Examples of questionnaires

Blurbs, links, images, videos and soundtracks can be included in your survey at no extra cost
Once we have received your questionnaire we can provide feedback and advice if needed. Once you are happy with your questions and amendments that we may have made we can move on to the next step.
Programming and survey upload
When you are happy with your questionnaire we will begin putting together the survey which we will be administering to your respondents. Before launching the survey we will send you a link to the survey so that you can try it out along with a link to a page where you can see the overall structure of the survey.

When you have confirmed that you are happy to proceed we will move to the next step.

See example of survey TESTING

See example of a survey PREVIEW
Survey Administation
At this stage we carefully select the panellists who will be answering your survey and ensure that they match your target profile. We then launch the survey and monitor it throughout the process to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that all quota requirements are met. Throughout the process we will send you regular updates on how your survey is progressing.

We guarantee high quality responses and will remove and blacklist any panellists who do not answer your questions properly. You will not be charged for panellists removed from the survey and you will receive the specified number of responses that you require i.e. if you need 500 responses you will get 500 quality responses.

Learn more about our panel

This process may take between 1 and 2 weeks to complete depending on the project.
Report Construction
We offer 4 different report packages, ranging from a raw data excel file of responses to a full package with a breakdown of demographic information and comments outlining the most significant results. Offering these different packages allows us to accommodate to your budget and the exact level of analysis you require.

Unsure which package is right for you? Click here :

Examples of different packages

Should the questionnaire include Socio-Demographic questions?

Knowing your target audience and being able to identify trends based on gender, age, socio-economic class (SEC) and location is important. That is why we include this information at no additional cost with all of our reports.

Do the results stay confidential?

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your results.

However, a 25% discount is given if you transfer the Intellectual Property rights of this research to us. If you do this, we will be able to display and sell the partial or complete results on our website.

Client Feedback :

Ben Smith
Position: Owner
Company: Frumtious
Activity: Healthy Snack
"The staff were very helpful, and guided me through the creation of the survey as well as advising me on the size of sample. The report I received was very positive and hugely valuable, which helped cement my thoughts on my product. The report gave the headline figures as well as a breakdown of the sample which allowed for further analysis of the data"

Lee Marsh
Position: Manager
Company: Online Children's parties comparison
Activity: Children's Parties
"'This is the first time I have ever carried out market research and I found the entire Marketest process easy. I dealt with Tom Hammond who was very helpful and quick to respond with my queries. The results were presented very clearly and easy to read. If research is needed again I will definitely be using Marketest again""

Louise Dalingwater
Position: University Lecturer
Company: Paris University
Activity: Lecturer
"Thank you very much for the excellent work. I can see that there is a good spread on the population and because you have sent me enough respondents, I will be able to do a very decent quota poll."

Dorothy Otite
Position: Founder/Creative Director
Company: Swish Afrique UK Ltd
Activity: Customised Homeware
"Clearly Marketest is top at their game, highly efficient and a Company to be reckoned with. We found the experience from first contact to delivery of results, seamless. The results will form an invaluable part of our business plan assumptions."

G. Ben
Position: Head of Business Development
Company: easyCar
Activity: RideSharing
"I've really enjoyed working with the Marketest team. They were responsive and flexible, and a great help in our market testing effort. Thank you!"

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Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports

The Market Research Reports available on our website are the surveys for which we own the rights.
You can consult for free the questionnaires and partial results of these surveys and also buy the full reports.

A raw data excel file of the results. Every column of the file corresponds to a question and every line to a respondent.
The excel file plus a report with tables and graphs. 1 Table and 1 Graph per question.
The essential package plus cross tabulation with demographic information (gender, age and SEC). 1 table per demographic information.
All of the below plus comments made on the most significant results.