BASIC Package:
All the survey results (individuals answers) will be quoted from an Excel document. Each column in the file corresponds to a question from the questionnaire and each line to a respondent. You can then analyse the data the way you want to.

In addition to the BASIC package, you will get a report (Word document) presenting frequency tables. The tables will clearly provide you with an-swers from the people we questioned making it easy for you to interpret the results (sample size, percentages and graphs).

PLUS Package:
In addition to the ESSENTIAL Package, you will get a report which provides cross tabulations. The answers within this report will be detailed accord-ing to the socio-demographic group the respondents belong to. For ex-ample the respondents gender, age and professional activity (SEC) will all be highlighted / outlined within the report.

FULL Package:
In addition to the PLUS package, you will get comments on the previous results (a reading of the most relevant results).