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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Marketest?
Marketest is the UK branch of a French, full service market research agency, Made in Surveys Ltd. Here at Marketest, we provide start-ups and existing companies with an insight into their target markets.

Who can I survey?
Our panellists range from 15 - 70 years old. We have panellists based in over 40 countries world wide.
See more detailed panel information.
Why is the research conducted online?
Read about the advantages of online market research.

How many questions can I ask?
We advise you to ask between 8 and 20 questions however the survey length completely depends on your project and there is no limit. The majority of projects will need no more than 15 questions.
How many people should I survey?
Generally, the larger your target market is, the larger the sample for your research should be. We usually recommend a minimum of 200 respondents but this does vary depending on your project.
Will the results of my study remain confidential?
The results of your study will remain completely confidential and to the owner's discretion unless you wish to share the property rights with Marketest.
Can I add images to my research survey?
Yes, we can add images and videos to your questionnaire. This can add value to your market research.
How long does the research take?
Once the online version of the questionnaire is created and validated by the client, the research results are gathered within a maximum of two weeks.

Will I be provided with respondent information?
We cannot give you panellist contact details however you will be provided with their demographic information (age, gender and socio-economic classification).
Can I take part in market research?
Yes, you can join our research panel and take part in future online surveys.

How much does it cost for a market research report?
To carry out a new online market research project, please make a quote enquiry here. You will be provided with a non-obligatory quote within 24 hours.
To purchase an already existing market research report, there are different packages available ranging from £39 to £79.
Visit our reports page to see individual report prices.

Take a look at our market research guide for useful definitions and information.

If you have any further questions, send us a message or call 020 7687 1234 to speak with one of our experts within market research.