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2017 Business Start-Ups Competition Winners


1st prize: £1,000 Tailored Market Research
Founder: Joseph Prosnitz Company Name: Up-Ride

Up-Ride is a bicycle to elliptical conversion kit. It takes a normal bicycle and turns it into a running machine. Essentially you are turning peddling into striding. Up-Ride puts the user in a standing up position (the posture of running) and can either be in the home stationary or outdoor mobile (point alpha to omega). You get all the advantages of running without the body stress. Elliptical as a bicycle accessory is also more affordable since you arenít buying a big bulky machine and are instead leveraging the bike you already have.

2nd prize: £500 Tailored Market Research
Founder: Min Ji Kim Company Name: Barkat

Barkat represents a refusal to accept that the enormous wealth constantly transferred to emerging markets is failing to fulfil its potential to improve the lives and health of real people. Making use of block chain technology and partnering with innovative healthcare service providers in India (for the pilot phase), Barkat is an online platform and mobile application that gives remittance senders the power to not only send money but also to provide affordable and good quality healthcare for their families from a distance. Sending money internationally using Barkat will be easy and cost-effective, but the real bonus for our customers will be the ability to deliver more than money, to cover for the health and well-being of their loved ones at the same time.

See you next year!
The Marketest Team