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2016 Business Start-Ups Competition Winners
1st prize: £1,000 Tailored Market Research
Company Name: Bike Safety CO

Road safety for bikes is a hot topic especially in London, so have come up with a very clever idea that creates indicators for cyclists! The LED screen on the backpack is powered and controlled by a wireless remote fixed to the bike frame or slipped into a pocket of the backpack.

The bag is very lightweight at only 1KG and has plenty of room for your travel essentials, as well as being stylish to the eye! This invention will reduce accidents on the road significantly, especially in busy areas such as London.
2nd prize: £500 Tailored Market Research
Company Name: itsmymaths.com

Itsmymaths.com is currently an idea which is being tested. The product is a website/app for tablet which delivers tailored mathematics examples and worksheets for children aged 7-13. After being registered by a parent/guardian the child answers a series of questions about their interests. Favourite music, popstars, sports, television, films, authors, pets. The answers to these questions are then fed into an algorithm which modifies standard questions and presents them to the child in subject areas that make it fun & interesting to them.

For example instead of:

“If John bought 5 apples at 50p & 2 oranges at 30p. How much did John spend?”

“If CHILD bought 5 Man Utd stickers at 50p & 2 Man Utd pencils at 30p. How much did CHILD spend?”

Competition stages:

March 2017Submission of application forms
May 2017Selection of the best business ideas by Marketest judges
June 2017Announcement of Business Startup Competition Winners

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