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4 Tips for Moving Past the Start-Up Stage

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Once a start-up and its customer base has been established and there is a strong growth rate, it may be time to start hiring employees or specialists. It should however be noted that this stage cannot be rushed; expanding too quickly can stop a start up in its tracks. It is vital to understand and plan employees roles and what they will be doing everyday; this will help you understand the hours needed, the type of person required, the skill set and their pay. Matthew Toren from Entrepreneur puts forward 5 tips to prepare your business for expansion, we at Marketest have chosen 4 of these to discuss further;



Consider current employees

Adding new employees can disrupt the work of current employees. You need to not only reassure current employees of their job safety but also ensure that they understand any adaptations to the company structure and how they and the new employees fit into it.


Get organized

Structure the organization outlining who each employee’s line manager is. It is important that while doing this process that you consider each person and how they work best.


Set clearly defined roles

It is essential to define each role and its responsibilities in detail, as conflict can arise when two people feel they have responsibility for the same task.


Establish boundaries

It can be useful to outline daily, weekly and monthly tasks to each employee and share these with all other employees; it will allow employees to know the boundaries of their job and where their job stops and another employee's starts.



How do you go about preparing for new employees and expansion? Let us know by leaving a comment below or posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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